As the name indicates, I hope to write about examining life – my own and offer thoughts for others’ consideration.  This blog is a result of several years of introspection about life: my goals, my time, my efforts and the impacts I have on the world around me.  Much of this will be presented from a Christian perspective although probably not in line with much of the expectations of Christian “culture” in the U.S.  I hope that much of the content will be something that can be useful to anyone regardless of faith.  While I expect that I will address some issues directly related to Biblical references, anyone is welcome to glean what they can.

Specifically, there are several topics I wish to address (in no particular order.)

  • Minimalism.  Minimalism isn’t a goal but a way of achieving other goals.  Currently, there are an amazing assortment of blogs and web sites that promote minimalism.  Hopefully I can contribute something unique in this area.  I will likely have a post in the near future that explains my views on this topic in more detail.
  • Consumerism/Materialism/Consumption.  Related to minimalism this is an area that I’ve recently recognised as an issue in my own life.  I’m not out to turn the world to asceticism – that would be counter-productive in other ways.  You can’t buy happiness but that doesn’t seem to stop many of us from trying to do so.
  • Time clutter.  Our time on earth is finite.  You can’t “make” time for anything, you can only rearrange your priorities and spend it wisely.  We can make many claims about our priorities but how we actually spend our remaining hours says more about what’s important to us than our claims.  By examining this we can learn about ourselves and discover ways of improving.
  • Biblical perspectives on living.  There’s a lot we can learn and a lot that I myself am still in the process of learning.  My intent here is to share some of what I understand and maybe point out some ways that they can apply to our lives today.
  • Specific ideas, and practical ways of addressing the above topics.
  • Cycling. I feel that automobiles are net drain rather than a benefit to our lives.  Bicycling is one of the most efficient modes of transportation and has many benefits to our lives.
  • Randomness.  I reserve the right to post something just because I find it amusing in some manner.

I’ve been in the process of evaluating many areas of my life over the past few years.  In may respects this might resemble a mid-life crisis but I’m not quite that old and it has been more of a progression in learning than a panic over my age.  I don’t consider
myself the final authority on anything here.  Many things I’m just starting to put into practice in my life.  I’ve found that by writing things down it forces me to think about a subject more clearly.

What this blog will NOT be about: Politics, proselytizing, selling stuff, theological debate or promoting denominational division.  I think if we can focus on improving ourselves in line with the teachings of Christ and caring for those around us the much of what remains will take care of itself.  Anything more is just a distraction.


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